Our Services

Sisterlocks Installation

Consulting, testing and installation of nice-looking sisterlocks.


Attaching locks extensions with no thread.

Dreadlocks Installation

We install instant dreadlocks and fresh dreadlocks, with and without wax.

Faux Locks

Installation of full-head faux locks.


Artificial dreadlocks with extension. Sisterlocks with extensions.


Dreadlocks retouch to maintain the good look longer.

Sisterlock reties

Reties for sisterlocks depending on growth.

Treatment and Color

We treat your locks, add colour to them and also do a good facial for elegance!

Our Prices

This is done on dreadlocks while styling.
Duration: Varies

Artificial dreadlocks extensions that last up to 5 months. Price depends on size.
Duration: 10 Hours

KSh 8,000

Attaching extensions with no thread
Duration: 8 Hours

KSh 3,000

Installation of full-head faux locks
Duration: 3 hours

KSh 3,000

Installation of fresh dreadlocks with wax
Duration: Varies

Dreadlocks installation with no wax
Duration: Varies

KSh 10,000

Your hair must be 100% natural or Caucasian
Duration: Varies

KSh 25,000 and above depending on length and density.

Consulting, testing and installation of new sisterlocks
Duration: Depends with hair density, 9hrs and over.

KSh 1,500
KSh 2,500

Retouch of dreadlocks with styling
Duration: Varies with hair density

KSh 5,000

Depends on the growth of sisterlocks
Duration: Varies

Retouch of dreadlocks without using wax
Duration: Varies

Retouch of dreadlocks and styling
Duration: Varies

KSh 2,500

Adding colour to dreadlocks
Duration: Varies

Ksh 1,000 - 2,000

Treatment of dreadlocks
Duration: Varies

KSh 1,500

Facial therapy to give you a brighter look
Duration: Varies

Expertise in locking

Jamaican Way of Locking Your Dreadlocks

Well Trained

Trained and Mentored by a certified Loktian from Kingston Jamaica!

No Dissapointments

Huge discounts, timely service and great experience.

With over ten years experience in this industry, our certified stylists are dedicated to providing you with the
highest level of service, with each style and package fully customized to your personal requirements.


Latest Dreadlock Trends


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Grafting - 8,500Faux locks - 3,000Instant dreadlocks - 10,000Dreadlocks extensionsDreadlocks retouch with wax - 1,000Dreadlocks retouch without wax - 2,000Fresh dreadlocks without wax - 7,000Sisterlocks reties - 5,000Faux locks extension - 1,500Fresh dreadlocks with wax - 2,500Sisterlocks Installation - 25,000Treatment and clour

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