Difference between sisterlocks and dreadlocks

The terms sisterlocks and dreadlocks seem so similar that you may think its one and the same thing. But did you know there are two major methods of locking hair? Apart form the traditional locking methods, many naturals go for sisterlocks.

For the history part of it, traditional dreadlocks have a rich history dating centuries back to the Rastafarian culture. Sisterlocks, on the other hand, started in us and are a smaller, modern twist on the traditional style. 

I have taken a part a few differences for your knowledge and decision making.

What is the main difference between dreadlocks and sisterlocks?

Dreadlocks are most commonly created through palm rolling (using hands) medium to large amounts of hair, using a balm or wax.

Sisterlocks are installed using a special tool and much smaller portions of your hair.

Starting and Maintenance

For starting, dreadlocks are fairly easier to start, and many stylists can do this. On the other hand, sisterlocks installation needs to be done by a trained and certified loctician for you to get official ones. This loctician here can do that.

Dreadlocks take fewer hours for maintenance and installation, while sisterlocks take anywhere from 10 hours and above to install.

Which method is easiest to style? ‚Äč
Styling dreadlcoks can be a little challenging. Of course they look beautiful hanging down, but practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to up-dos and other styles. Another thing to remember is that the longer they get, the heavier they become and this can and will affect your ability to style your locs.

Sisterlocks have been said to be a lot easier to style because of their lighter weight and flatter root texture. Sisterlocks are also thinner, which makes it easier to create difficult or intricate styles.


Whether you choose dreadlocks or sisterlocks, natural hair is always beautiful. I highly recommend sisterlocks.

Njeri  Asher Spencer. 

Trained Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks Expert.

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