A bit about me

It all started in 2007. First, I got to thank my sister in law who was by then a consultant based in new York, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago. She enlightened me about this unique locking of Afro hair after seeing my interest in natural hair . By that time I had traditional locks which I had them until 2018 when I transitioned, and i can truly say am already in love with the progress .
At that time I showed interest in sisterlocks and she was willing to train me which she did with one heart and spirit,
and assured me she will walk with me till I become who I am today.

I can confidently say is that sisterlocks are getaway to freedom. After seeing how African women were struggling to keep their NATURAL HAIR I decided am not stopping there and is at that point I started my campaign NATURAL HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL!

Am also a hair dresser, who has very good understanding and knowledge of Afro hair and also offer colouring and styling services to my clients.

“Sisterlocks are an easy way of maintaining natural hair despite the amount to be paid during installation, as it’s an investment worth the price. It’s very versatile due to size of your locks and carefully thought of pattern”

Transitioning to sisterlocks

Before Transitioning


After Transitioning


My First Client



All clients will have a consultation before installation. This is important so that we can discuss the lifestyle, the history of client’s hair and any other issues concerning their hair.

Make sure your hair is clean and flowing free with no extensions.

After consultation, any client willing to install will have 6 tester locks installed behind their ear and determines the size and pattern to be used.

A separate appointment date will be created(they can not be put the same day with consultation)the date will be allocated depending on availability of both parties (client and locktian)


Since every head is different, re-tightening can take 2.5 – 3.5 hrs depending on hair density. Need for maintenance is after every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how first your hair grows.


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Grafting - 8,500Faux locks - 3,000Instant dreadlocks - 10,000Dreadlocks extensionsDreadlocks retouch with wax - 1,000Dreadlocks retouch without wax - 2,000Fresh dreadlocks without wax - 7,000Sisterlocks reties - 5,000Faux locks extension - 1,500Fresh dreadlocks with wax - 2,500Sisterlocks Installation - 25,000Treatment and clour

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